Earned It

Elegance – refinement, grace, and beauty in movement, appearance, or manners.

That is how we could describe the brand I wanted to introduce to you today, Jim Kersie.

“Jim Kersie (JK) is a Melbourne based brand that focuses on standing out. JK pushes the boundaries of being exclusive, with eccentric style and incomparable quality. With handmade jewellery and expert designs, JK offers a high quality creation that is influenced by a vast number of cultures from around the world, whilst appreciating the simplicity of natural stones and gems.”

The quality of the the JK items is wonderfully high. I would not even imagine how well is it made, with the perfect attention to details. You can even see the initials “JK” carved on the 22kt Gold plated beads. Moreover they have a vast choice of bracelets on their site, so everyone can find something that matches their own personality!

Check out the results of the photoshoot I made with my Jim Kersie bracelet.

Earrings: Accessorize

Necklace: Tally Wejl

Bracelet: Jim Kersie

Dress: Stradivarius

Shoes: Deichmann

IMG_8176b IMG_8156 IMG_8149 IMG_8139 IMG_8084 IMG_8074 IMG_8054a

Photos: Martyna Kasperek

Make Up: Magdalena Pyzik


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