“I was not designed to be forced. I will breathe after my own fashion. Let us see who is the strongest.” ~ Henry David Thoreau

There are many ways of expressing yourself. Passion, art, moves, senses or even fashion statement. Things you wear can tell your story even better than you would with your own words. Sometimes the reality cannot be spoken. It has to be shown.

That is what I do. I cannot express the essentiality of my inside by speaking or writing, I am always short of words for describing my being. What I do is telling my short stories through every outfit I wear.

Let me present you my “Wicked” part.

Shoes are the part of my fashion collection that I love the most. I have the entire wall made of shelves covered by shoes – mainly high ones, as long as I see them as wearable art. In this wicked outfit, the shoes could not play a less significant role – I chose solid, classic and glamorous lita shoes from the Academy of Elegance collection. Litas are surely the greatest fashion statement of the shoe world in my opinion, I have at least 4 or 5 of them in my collection, but those ones quickly became my favourite ones – not only because they are gorgeous and universal, but also for their comfort! When you wear them you do not feel any discomfort of wearing high boots, they are secure & stable. They are made of black, ecological leather very easy in cleaning & preservation. In my opinion, it is one of the best additions to my collection – they can match a really huge variety of outfits due to their versality!

You can purchase them here: CLICK

When it comes to the hair… No, it’s not real, even if it really seems it is! The wig is from Wicked Wigs shop and the quality is outstanding. A lot of people asked my how did I manage to have so long and so healthy hair! Their faces when I told them that was a wig was priceless. It is not my first wig from this shop and I hope not the last one, to be honest I think that from many shops specializing in this market, this one should be put on the top. Additionally, if you put the coupon code “MILENA” at the checkout, you can take 10% off your order! The offer is valid until 31st of October, so hurry up 🙂

Let me present you the whole outfit I was talking about then!

Wig: Wicked Wigs

Choker: Tally Wejl

Leather Jacket: Pimkie

Shoes: Born2Be

_DSC3233-Edit _DSC3234 _DSC3210-Edit _DSC3242 _DSC3245 _DSC3239 _DSC3252-Edit _DSC3204-Edit

Photos: Katarzyna Makolus 

Make Up: Magdalena Pyzik


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