Sometimes I like to change for some darker outfits as well.

I was overwhelmed by gothic fashion since I was 13, when I first started to be fascinated by fantasy world, vampires and all this “funny” stuff. That was the time I became a redhead which I am till today and when I was invited to the TV program about people who dress up as vampires on a daily basis as a guest. Now I tend to come back to more “normal” dresscode even though those who are following my blog know well that I like to combine many styles into unique outfits, which probably at least half of you would not wear everyday to work or school. 😉

To complete this outfit I used the magnificent handmade black floral crown made by Tesla Coil Laboratory. She is a wonderfully talented jewelry & accessories Italian designer who I was following already for a while. Additionally I combined the stunning turquoise heart necklace from Imperious Deer, which I am astonished of how well it presents itself – to be honest photos cannot even show how beautifully it enhances the outfit in real life. This detail certainly catches the attention (and the prices are so affordable!). But did you see those boots?! The heel is high, but they are so comfortable you do not even notice it! I guess those shoes are my favorites right now and you will see many outfits combined with them. Moreover, check out the whole site where I got them from –Outletowo. It has so many fabulous fashion items in stock it was so hard to choose from all this variety of unique statements! You can find everything, from clothing, through bags, shoes, jewelry and many others thing you would love to add to your collection.

Enjoy my outfit 🙂

Headdress: Tesla Coil Laboratory

Necklace: Imperious Deer

Top: Tally Weijl

Pants: Tally Weijl

Shoes: Outletowo

IMG_4904 (Kopiowanie) IMG_4857 (Kopiowanie) IMG_4946 (Kopiowanie) IMG_4934 (Kopiowanie) IMG_4935 (Kopiowanie) IMG_4901 (Kopiowanie) IMG_4928 (Kopiowanie) IMG_4943 (Kopiowanie) IMG_4977 (Kopiowanie) IMG_4922 (Kopiowanie)

Photos: Magdalena Rogozińska

Make Up: Magdalena Pyzik


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