Grey or Gray

Grey or gray is an intermediate color between black and white. It is a neutral or achromatic color, meaning literally that it is a color “without color”. ~ Wikipedia

But is it really a color without a color?

Recently I have been shopping in huge local shopping centers. I was sneaking around shelves looking for something that would catch my eyes. Results? I bought 3 or 4 things, all GREY. There were many wonderful dresses, tops, skirts, jackets, sweaters, jumpers… but all of the nice stuff was GREY! I caught myself on thinking “I would buy it if only it was not grey” – obviously, because I do not like having all clothes of the same colors in my closet – it gives me a feeling of monotony. But let’s focus for a moment on the question: WHY are we so into grey now and WHY do we notice it if it’s a color “without a color”?

It is not simple. Usually we have a tendency to notice sooner bright colors in general. In that case it would be explainable why the only things we focus at the moment we enter the shop are bright grey. Why not white? Isn’t it the brightest color? White is another story. White sometimes can be omitted by our sight at first look because it simply seems NOTHING. So arguing with Wikipedia I would say that not grey, but in fact white is the color without a color. Usually we use the grey color to describe a mousey person, one that does not want to get attention, to get noticed – but nowadays we could think that he would in fact achieve the total contrary of his wish. I like grey, I enjoy wearing it, I do not think it’s not an interesting color. In my opinion it’s the color that suits every occasion and every season – from summer to winter.

But enough of theory! I have prepared an outfit that is based on in fact the subject I discussed before – grey color. The bag I used to complete my outfit is totally HOT when it comes to trends now! Grey & black combination, vintage style, it gives your look a statement which immediately makes you look more fashionable. You can buy it here –> CLICK <–

Earrings: Colours & Beauty

Necklace: Corina Van Asten

Top: Bershka

Jeans: Cubus

Bag: Fabiola

Shoes: Outletowo

_E9A5332 _E9A5303 _E9A5249 _E9A5271 _E9A5309 _E9A5316 _E9A5320 _E9A5265 _E9A5252 _E9A5292

Photos: Piotr Czerwonka

Make Up: Magdalena Pyzik


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