Definitely the weather is not pampering us. That’s why rather than going out for a walk or to a restaurant with our crush, we rather have a date indoors. I enjoy the atmosphere of the at-home-dates a lot. Good wine, good dinner, tranquillity of laughing and talking because nobody is watching rather than him/her, feeling so confident in our own place. Sometimes you don’t have to go out to a marvelous place to have a dream-date. What’s your perfect place for a date?

Keeping up with the small talk above, I wanted to show you an outfit for a such a date. The dress is courageous, with a deep cleavage indeed, but if you are already ‘in it’ with your crush, it could only improve the passion and senses game between you two. Also the earrings are completing the look perfectly so that it shows you care about significant details. The bracelet with small lion heads also symbolizes courage and confidence, to make you appear as a strong woman who knows her value. I guess I will wear it for a date soon myself 😉

Earrings: Rosegal

Dress: Rosegal

Bracelet: Katherine

IMG_8527a 12210891_1062421393770174_1399779699_o IMG_8537 IMG_8516 IMG_8541 IMG_8545 IMG_8540 IMG_8554 IMG_8552

Photos: Martyna Kasperek


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