Soul on Fire

Street culture and house music mood today. No hard feelings, independence is the key.

The outfit for today makes me feel strangely comfortable and normal, even though it is unique and courageous. Rebel-like look is the option I always go with when I want to communicate that today is my day and nobody can change it! I have chosen my favorite scarf from Antagoniste for this look, which creates a certain harmony in my outfit – you would be surprised if you have seen the scarf put evenly on the table – it truly is a piece of artwork, it seems one of the frescos you would see in the Vatican, besides that it could not be there as long as the centre of it features a skull 😀 Furthermore, did you see the blazer jacket? It is made of a very soft material which makes it cosy, but warm at the same time. Couldn’t resist it, it can be worn both with a rebel look and an elegant outfit. Don’t forget that our hands are also freezing with these temperatures. I have rarely used gloves, because of my constant use of my iPhone (some people say I am addicted to my phone…), but always had my tiny hands freezing cold… Until now! I got these gloves last week and I am constantly wearing them when I go outside! Elegant and rebel-look, actually WORKING ON TOUCH SCREENS! Yes, for real. I have already bought once some gloves that were said to work on touch screens, but they didn’t, so I was a bit skeptical this time, but I got surprised very positively. I can finally enjoy my iPhone while outside and don’t suffer from fever every other day 🙂

Scarf: Antagoniste

Gloves: Napo Gloves

Blazer Jacket: Exhibit Shops

Top: New Look

Shoes: Outletowo
IMG_8714 IMG_8718 IMG_8722 IMG_8738 IMG_8755 IMG_8770 IMG_8774 IMG_8775 IMG_8781 IMG_8794 IMG_8796 IMG_8800

Photos: Meeide 


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