Addicted to you

Business is growing, so my wardrobe has a lot of news when it comes to office outfits 😉

This past year has given me a lot of opportunities which involved creating my own shops, being a designer, reseller and a lot of other creative ideas, but none of them has given me so much satisfaction as this blog gave me in such a small period of time. I am developing my style, taste, learning a lot and more importantly, I have become so much happier since I started managing my blog and social media seriously – I care so much more about my appearance in the morning because I have the motivation to do it, and believe me, being well-dressed can improve your mood in every situation.

In today’s business look I wanted to achieve the nonchalance breeze with a tone of seriousness. I combined the bestseller suedette skirt in tan color (as seen on Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian, etc.) with the classic Ivory shirt to give it the more official look. I swear I have never worn anything even similar to it, but since I wanted to try something different, the outcome is outstanding and I felt so comfortable in this genre of outfits, even though I usually preferred baggy outfits! When it comes to the details, I guess this time they are the most important part of the look. The wonderful set of bracelets from Perlove seen on my photos is called “Treasures of the desert” and it is combined from 8 different bracelets in brown, tan, ivory and white with gold pendants. Just look at them, they can transform every boring outfit into a fashion statement! Moreover, with the coupon code “IDASWIETA” you have 10% off your order, sitewide! Believe me, you will feel totally classy and remember that jewellery is always a great gift for a woman, so if you are looking for a Christmas gift for your wife/girl/mother, etc., you won’t be disappointed by the variety Perlove offers on their site!

Shirt: Exhibit

Skirt: Exhibit

Bracelets: Perlove (use the coupon code: “IDASWIETA” for 10% off)

Necklace: Mohito

Shoes: Deashop
DSC_8942a DSC_8913a DSC_8931a DSC_8939a DSC_8985a DSC_8950a DSC_8954a DSC_8990a DSC_8982a DSC_8992aPhotos: Joanna Cap

IMG_8634 IMG_8605 IMG_8640 IMG_8596 IMG_8611

Photos: Meeide


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