In Venere Veritas

Sometimes we just get a new piece of clothing, a dress let’s say, and we have this feeling like it was made exactly for us and we were waiting the whole life to wear it.

That’s what has happened to me recently.

I saw this dress on the website of the shop. Classy, sexy, very up-to-date (khaki is one of the top colors now and this dress reminds a lot the style of Kim Kardashian or Kylie Jenner). I immediately fell in love with it, but I would never every say that it would be so perfect on me! I mean, that’s the kind of the dress I needed in my life. It has the wholes at the sides which uncovers exactly my tattoo! I have been having it only since June, so not for an eternity, but I got so used to it in a so short period of time I fell like I was born with it. At the end, before getting it tattooed I was thinking about this ink for as long as 5 years! However, I have never seen anything that could much my style, personality and make me feel so attractive at the same time!

When it comes to details, this time I decided to only enhance the outfit by a very classy, well-sculpted gold bracelet. When you look at it closely, it reminds me of Ancient Rome or Greece – doesn’t it? The cure of the details is seen well and it really is an art-piece when it comes to jewelry in my honest opinion.

Dress: Exhibit Shops

Bracelet: Katherine


Photos: Meeide



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