You will remember me

1st of December. The month of Christmas, Christmas songs, Christmas decorations… And something some of you are waiting for so impatiently, New Year’s Eve! Do you already have any plans? I honestly don’t, I have too much options to choose from and, as New Year’s Eve is at the same time the anniversary of my relationship (yay!), we have to plan it together. However, even though I am still unsure where I’ll be going, I am already thinking what should I wear this year!

In this post I’m going to show you one of my proposals for the New Year’s Eve Party Outfit. I have chosen something colorful, as long as I don’t want to bring just some new boring black or solid color look for this year, and as you have already seen, I am into uniqueness. The dress is amazingly wonderful, it has various layers of black tulle under the fantasy pink-purple print layer. Furthermore the cut of the dress makes you seem thinner in the waist and hides some imperfections of yours if you have some complexes, such as “chubby” thighs. It is perfect when you want to look flawless during the whole party and don’t have to worry about your look not even for a second. In this outfit, people will certainly remember you for a long time 😉 I combined the dress with some silver jewelry, which will only highlight the elegance of the dress. Subtle necklace for the big cleavage will be seen well, even when accompanied by statement earrings. When choosing the right shoes, remember that you will have to dance/stand in them for a long time so you want to be comfortable. I have chosen the long boots with small heel to look classy, but feel cosily at the same time. Try not to wear completely new shoes, but something you have already worn before – it will make you feel more confident and you will avoid possible inconveniences which come with wearing new shoes for the first time. Also, remember to take only essentials with you – you don’t want to bring a humongous bag to the party, but just some additional accessory to match your outfit and have your money, wipes or other women’s essentials close to you.

Dress: Agnes Mira Rosa

Shoes: Tally Weijl

Clutch bag: Avon


Photos: Karolina Mrozowska


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