Green Goddess

Recently my outfits have become more subdued, delicate, more casual and normal, but I don’t want you to forget why this blog has been created! My pretentious sense of avant-garde can be seen here and, once again, I’m coming back in this post to something most of you wouldn’t wear everyday (for obvious reasons). However believe me, it’s so much fun to go out like this and look at all the confused sights of people walking around you 😀

My outfit consists of knee-high boots, one of my favorites as you can say from the other posts, a turtleneck top which I am completely in love with (I have it in every color available 😛 ), black lace shorts, perfect matching gold-black necklace, which is one of the very few necklaces that go great as well with a cleavage as with the turtleneck (that’s why I love it so much)! And an additional crown from Resplendor Atelier (previously Pazzesque) , but if you want to have a casual look you can have the outfit without the crown (selfie in casual outfit like this below the photoshoot pics, here). Let me know whether you prefer seeing my unique style posts or casual posts like this 🙂

Crown: Resplendor Atelier

Necklace: Katherine

Top: Bershka

Boots: Tally Weijl


Photos: Diana Pisarczyk 



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