“There is a sensuality about fabric. I think all materials should be inviting when they touch the skin. When I watch children stroking their mother’s clothes, I feel that I have succeeded” – Azzedine Alaia

That is exactly what you need from your clothes. They have to love your skin just as your skin loves them and that’s meant to be everyday, not even to mention bigger parties, such as New Year’s Eve! I know I’ve already been writing about that event, but still, I have so many ideas for what could I wear on this special day that my post should be limitless. I still haven’t decided where exactly I’m going to pass it, but nevertheless I am already obsessing with the outfit.

When I first saw this dress on the website I fell in love immediately. I was looking for a gown for me for ages, but there was always something I didn’t like. Meanwhile this one – is flawless. It comes in different colors, but this emerald green totally fulfills my newest obsession for deep green colors (that I had to admit goes well with my green eyes and red hair) 😉 . Also the “mermaid like” down part of the dress is pretty much my fixation. You can see this dress in variety of colors and a lot of different styles -> HERE <- Moreover you can have so much as 15% off your purchase with the coupon code “MILENA15OFF”! Hurry up and grab your dress just in time for New Years Eve!

As an addition to my dress I choose gold accessories. Long gold earrings compone themselves very well with both short or long hairstyle and also can make your face look longer and thinner if you have a rounded face like me. When it comes to the necklace, I wanted to make it purposely the special part of the outfit – as you can see, I put it on the other way round. With this type of cleavage of the dress (little space in front and a back cleavage), I wanted to expose more the back side and give it more glam that it would be by wearing such a glamorous necklace normally. There are necklaces made on purpose for this, but you can try it with your one and I have to admit I am very surprised with how good did it come out. The amazing geometry design comes from -> HERE <- I also wanted to put on the gold bracelet not to leave the hands “naked”. It gives the whole outfit the needed touch of luxury and celeb-like. Grab it -> HERE

Dress: Nazz Collection (“MILENA15OFF” for 15% off your order)

Earrings: Accessorize

Necklace: JMM Jewelry

Bracelet: Katherine


Photos: Joanna Cap


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