Time for the last post of 2015.

Waving goodbye to this year, I wanted to put the cherry on top by showing you the classy side of Milena, which … I will be focusing on more in 2016.

Parisienne is a look framed in beige with black and gold details. Classy, but original (this part won’t ever be missing on scandalouslyshe). You will be remembered in this outfit!

Sexy bandage dress goes perfectly with high knee boots, which give the touch of sensuality to the outfit. For the outerwear, I have chosen a cosy coat (you can’t even imagine how smooth and cosy in touch it is) along with a beige beret. When it comes to details, I wanted to be subtle this time. A delicate, gold cross bracelet.

Dress: ->CLICK<-

Coat: ->CLICK<-

Bracelet: W. Kruk

IMG_6302 (Kopiowanie)IMG_6247 (Kopiowanie)IMG_6297 (Kopiowanie)IMG_6277 (Kopiowanie)IMG_6280 (Kopiowanie)IMG_6236 (Kopiowanie)IMG_6312 (Kopiowanie)

Photos: Magdalena Rogozińska


Photos: Katarzyna Makolus


In 2015, I fell in love!

(and surprisingly, it’s almost a year we are together – anniversary will be on New Year’s Eve ❤ )

In 2015, I got my first ever tattoo!

(followed by another 2 and another one due on 29th of December ❤ )

In 2015, I have become a DJ!

(Latino Dj, precisely, still can’t believe it though! ❤ )

And finally

In 2015, I started SCANDALOUSLYSHE.EU!

(so in addition to being a model and promoter, I became a blogger)



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