Irresistible Me

Have you ever dreamed about having perfect hair everyday, just like your favorite movie stars, who look flawless whenever you see them?

Is your hair too short for you and you would do anything to have it as long as you want without having to wait?

Is your hair very thin and you want to obtain the thick look on your head to look even more irresistible?

If your answer was ‘Yes’ to any of those questions, you need to see what I found!


Photo by Angelika Paszkowska

Irresistible Me Hair Extensions is a marvelous brand which sells natural Remy clip-in hair extensions, hair accessories and hair tools at great prices. If you have been looking for your hair extensions already, you should know that there are a lot of companies which sell them, but – they are whether too expensive to afford, or the quality is not as expected. When I got my extensions from Irresistible Me, I was left speechless. How is that even possible that for such a prize, you get so much hair (I don’t even apply all of them because they are too much!), so good quality (it’s natural hair, I dyed it from blonde to red and they are still better than my own 😛 ) and even the packing is so elegant and professional! My experience with them was even better – the clips fit perfectly in and stay without moving a mm from its place. And let’s remember that Britney Spears once worn hair extensions that were so visible and falling off, so you are getting better quality than Britney Spears – that says a lot 😛

Just look how they blend into my hair!



Photo by Angelika Paszkowska


IMG_6280 (Kopiowanie)

See the difference, right? 😉

I couldn’t turn out happier with any hair extensions, and if I had to choose the brand once again, I would not hesitate a moment!



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