Why Lorraine? Why did I make it the title of the post? Although the post itself does not have much in common with this story, I wanted to pay tribute to this amazing, heartwarming romance. Fred Stobaugh lost his wife when he was 95 years old, after 75 years of marriage. Then he decided to write a song for her and he was helped by professionals. Learn more about the story here:

You are probably wondering what does it have in common with the post, right? 🙂 Well, when watching the photos I got of this outfit, they reminded me of a “good wife”, let’s say 🙂 (And by the way, when I put the selfie of this style on my social media with the description good wife, all of my friends really thought I’m getting married :P) So when I was thinking of the title for this post, I remembered this wonderful story and wanted to share it with you!

However, when it comes to today’s outfit: This OOTD is very classic – coming back to when women wore pearls as the most elegant accessory in the world and when it first became known that minimalism is the classiest fashion movement. The set of accessories, pearl necklace & earrings are a good choice for very formal meetings, or even family reunions. I would totally wear this look for an elegant evening with my loved ones, but if your job requires formal dress code, why wouldn’t you just throw a more-elegant-than-usual outfit from time to time? The dress, wonderful (and warm) pinkish knitwear styled, comes from NELLYFASHION. Believe me, it is like the most comfortable dress you have ever worn. Besides, it makes you feel like a real movie star 😉 Just check the photos to make sure! 😀 Also, to complete this outfit, I have chosen plain beige high heels, without platform – another touch of classic fashion to make the look completely matching.

Dress: Nelly Fashion

Accessories: Accessorize

Shoes: Deezee


Photos: Anita Kalinowska


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