Show me love

9 April is a very special day…

Wondering why?

It’s my Birthday 😉

That is why I wanted to share with you a piece of my celebration today. The outfit I’ll show you will be the outfit I’ll wear this evening 🙂

For my Birthday #ootd I have chosen a white, lace dress. Those of you who have been following me since the beginning, have seen my journey. Who would have thought then I would wear a white dress with nude high heels on this day? I wouldn’t 😉

However, I am so happy because of what is happening in my life, especially since blogging is a part of it.

Dress: Amiclubwear

Shoes: Deezee

IMG_9891x2 (Kopiowanie)IMG_9883 (Kopiowanie)IMG_9871 (Kopiowanie)IMG_9894 (Kopiowanie)IMG_9909 (Kopiowanie)

Photos: Magdalena Rogozińska


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