Worth It

In whatever point of your life you are, remember that you are unique.

There is nobody that can replace you, no-one who can step into your shoes and live your life. Your dreams are your dreams and what others think about them is not something you should worry about.

Loving yourself, treating yourself well is something you should never forget doing! You are worth those chocolates you bought when you were coming home and you are worth those shoes you just bought online which made you broke (this part is autobiographic 😀 )

But what I want to say today is that nobody can drag you down if you know exactly who you are and where you are going.

It has been a tough time for me, but when I started changing my thinking schemas and encouraging myself to recreate my self-confidence, believe me, it was such a relief.

That is why I want you all to stop for a minute and think about all the positive things you have done today and what you love about yourself ❤

For today I have chosen an outfit that shows a strong, confident woman I am slowly becoming. There is nothing you should be ashamed of, contrary, you should show the world what you have best. 🙂

Dress: Selsi Style

Shoes: Deezee


Photos: Paulina Macieląg


One thought on “Worth It

  1. ABrzozowska says:

    Oh-my-God! This outfit makes you shining! Pure feminine and strength in one. I must admitt that this style suits you the best. Keep doing this way, I love it ❤

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