Trust Issues

There are those days that makes us wonder whether everything we do isn’t just useless or if we are not living in a big lie accepting it as truth. You have those? Don’t worry, I have them too πŸ™‚ On those days I am not so keen on wearing super-tight dresses or who-knows-what, I want to look classy but without much effort. Usually, my to-go-for-look on these days is a total-black one. This time I have chosen a fringe bodysuit (you can be depressed but you still have to be well-dressed πŸ˜‰ ) accompanied by black trousers with some shine on them. For the frame I have chosen fringe boots from – they are perfect as well for classy looks with dresses (as in Dangerous Woman) or for this kind of a rock-nonchalance-look. For those days the must have accessory are sunglasses. And a watch. So that you can securely switch off your phone and still know what time is it πŸ˜‰

Glasses: Hindsight Vintage

Body: Bershka

Jeans: Bonprix


Watch: Mockberg

13073180_1183959148303105_1366051205_o13106657_1183961514969535_162191119_o13063816_1183964128302607_2098716954_o13052549_1183960834969603_618341309_o13072933_1184020131630340_25478661_o13106700_1183972388301781_592176746_o13112459_1183959154969771_537458747_o13062656_1183959118303108_2140816864_o (1)

Photos: Magdalena Guz


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