Dream Mornings

Do you ever dream your life was completely different than it is now? That some things you would like to dedicate your life to would not be forbidden? That your dreams would not constitute a secret garden but rather your everyday reality? Well, making our lives as we would like them to be is not always possible, but what we CAN do is chase even the shortest moments of happiness and build our story on them. Sometimes a smile, a song shared with someone, a touch can pull out what’s best inside of us. And well, personally I conserve such moments buried deep in my heart and I do it with cure. I still do not know what’s waiting for me, what will be my next step, where I’ll go or where I will have to go. The only thing I am certain of is where I would like to be. Today, tomorrow & I guess, forever.

Dress: -> CLICK <-

Jewellery: Colours & Beauty

Shoes: Primadonna Collection

IMG_0188 (Kopiowanie)IMG_0193 (Kopiowanie)IMG_0204 (Kopiowanie)IMG_0208 (Kopiowanie)

Photos: Magdalena Rogozińska


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