I hope you’re all doing well, my folks, because after a long break from blogging I am trying to get back to it as much as I am able to. As many of you know but some don’t, I just moved in to Italy for the sake of University (Università degli Studi di Bologna) and I am getting my stuff together to bring the best out of me this year. Recently I’ve also started working for a photomodelling agency in Bologna (New Faces), where I am already preparing a project. The life is finally showing its colors and I am so grateful for being where I am now! However, enough of me, it’s time for the outfit I have prepared for today’s post!

This #ootd is definitely not the one I would were for my casual uni day 😉 (btw: you can see my almost-emeryday outfits on my Instagram page-> click) I would rather have it on me on my night-out or a free-day, when I can go wherever and act famous haha! Just kidding, it is a perfect combination for a party or informal meeting. Let’s have a look:

Wig: Lush Wigs (ex Geisha Wigs)

Top: New Look

Shorts: Topshop

Boots: Tally Weijl

Rings: Stradivarius

Bracelet: Reserved


Photos: Anita Kalinowska


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