Talking Fashion

Hey guys!

Today I would like to raise a subject that many fashion bloggers are afraid to talk about. What is it actually?

Paradoxically, I am speaking about FASHION.

Runway Fash, Big Fash Houses Styles, Top Trends straight from Fash weeks.

We, as women, (almost) all dream about having the possibility of wearing what’s hot in the High Fashion right now. But if we really had a possibility of buying stuff without any financial limit, would we buy the extremely uncomfortable clothes and shoes straight from the catwalk, excessively awful pieces of fashion that we do not really like BUT we appreciate just because it has a “NAME” on it? Well, to everyone its own, but honestly, I would NEVER exchange all of my wardrobe for the “things” I sometimes see on runway. Wow! Could you really imagine tearing apart all of your jeans because “they are out of fashion now”?

We should stop treating fashion as a guru, as a necessary-for-everyday-living object, a STYLE-GOD. Why? Because it simply isn’t a STYLE GOD. The difference between style & fashion is crucial to be understood if we want to really be ourselves. Fashion is a tip, a piece of advice, a “how-to” article or video. What about style then? Style is you. Is what you would like to wear to be beautiful for you, not for tabloids. Is what makes you feel comfortable when looking splendid, is what makes people say “wow, look at her! She looks wonderful” instead of “wow, look at her! She can’t even walk in those Chanel heels”. Style is a continuous challenge about how to put an outfit on our own, of course we SHOULD be inspired by fashion, but we CANNOT be limited by it. Style is about the ability of combining basic with one accessory to make it bold. It is about the ability of decision, of stating who we are without opening mouth, it is the ultimate way of communication. And if we all were wearing Gucci and Prada, what would we communicate?

Please understand me, I am NOT convincing you to stop following fashion, for God’s sake, as a fashion blogger I am following it! But what I would like you to reflect on is that we should not follow it blindly. If Kim K is wearing transparent dresses is HER CHOICE, if you don’t feel comfortable doing that, DON’T! Simple as that?

Fashion is your sign of direction. Style is what you build there.

Wig: Lush Wigs

Top: Stradivarius

Jeans: Cubus

Shoes: Primadonna Collection


Photos: Anita Kalinowska

Make Up: Magdalena Pyzik


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