This is what you came for

Streetstyle, streetlife, bomber jackets, baseball hats, high heels boots.

That’s honestly all I am about these days. The “bomber jacket trend” completely possessed me as I explained in the trends post here. The baseball hat I’m wearing is from H&M, it has a typical “wet look” of a faux leather and I LOVE it because of this. It enhances every street or black look in a way you can always be sure your outfit will be complete. The black top is from Tally Weijl, I got it like 5 months ago so it would hardly still be out there to get. However I have to admit that it is one of my favorite crop tops in my closet. It’s like it has been designed for me, I’ve been wishing for a top like this since I was 13 haha (and I mean, EXACTLY like this!). So you can imagine of how great importance it is to me. But let’s move one. The bomber jacket is from BOOHOO. What I love about boohoo is that they have a sale going on almost ALWAYS. Whenever I head to their page I find myself in front of a 60%, 50% or else coupon codes where you can grab amazing stuff with sooo little money! Moreover the quality of their clothing is one of the best I’ve ever found in an online shop. This satin bomber is like the touch of class even though it is rather sporty. I am totally in love with its color and I can’t even think of a better bomber than this one (even though I’m still looking for the perfect KHAKI bomber… There are lots, I know, but I still didn’t find the one I would be crazy about!). Moving on, look at this watch! You’ve probably seen it on my Instagram already. Lord Timepieces is a brand that produces watches both for men and women and the quality of them is amazing! Believe me, this rose gold miracle is one of my favs accessories ever. Yes, just like all the other things I’m wearing in this post 😉 You still have a possibility of grabbing your watch on their website with 10% discount by entering the code “MILENA10” at the checkout until 8th of November. Pants – those are from New Look. I’ve been looking for a lifetime for high waisted plain black trousers and I found them finally after going through tons of high waisted painted jeans, kgs of mum tailored pants and everything but the one I were looking for. They are great and in their simplicity, there is nothing to add about them. But here we come to the star of the post. THE BOOTS!!! Those amazing “corset-like” boots like I love to call them, come from a French online store – MODRESS. They sell shoes and bags and have a vast choice of both of those categories. I chose those boots because they will be perfect for this season. What I am completely crazy and in love about in them is obviously the tassel-corset-definition they have on their back. As some may know, I’ve been through a corset-period where all I was wearing was exactly corsets. So it explains itself 😉 They are a touch of classiness that may be add to any type of the outfit – indeed here we have a streetwear outfit that becomes somewhat classy just because of those boots. Do you agree? Moreover they are extremely comfortable even though being on a high heel.

So I hope I didn’t annoy you in this long descriptive post! Let me know what do you think in the comments section and on my social media 😉

Baseball hat: H&M

Top: Tally Weijl

Bomber jacket: Boohoo

Pants: New Look

Watch: Lord Timepieces (“MILENA10” for 10% off)

Shoes: Modress



Make Up: Mavi Mua


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